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  • Mercedes-Benz Unimog

    The versatility of the Unimog will never be questioned, whether in mining or industrial conditions, camping and off-road projects or in rapid response emergency & rescue situations- the Unimog will deliver- period. Through exceptional diversity, versatility and productivity, the Unimog achieves a lower total cost of ownership and offers 30 000km or 1200 hours service intervals under extreme conditions.

    This makes the U4000 & U5000 variants perfectly designed vehicles to deliver the best in off-road and on-road efficiency

Market Segments

  • Energy & Mining Operations

    Mining Operations

    Where even four-wheel drive trucks reach their limits, a totally different kind of work and tractor vehicle has to take over: the Unimog. It gives a precise definition of versatility and capability on four wheels. It provides solutions which no other vehicle worldwide can offer. The Unimog is more versatile than any other vehicle, having attachment and mounting areas at the front, middle and rear ensuring that it can be customized for multiple operations. It is also more at home on off-road terrain than any other vehicle, and can drive at fast speeds on roads as a transporter. With its unique off-road capabilities the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 beats every rival hollow.

    Its outstanding features make sure of that: its flexible frame for great rigidity on the road and great torsional flexibility off-road; its superior four-wheel drive concept with differential locks in both axles as well as portal axles for particularly high ground clearance.

    To date, we have yet to find a situation that will test the Unimog beyond its capability, and we know that for decades to come, this incredible product is and will remain Superior in every situation and over any terrain.

    Unimog: Your Partner in Industrial Operations

    Mining Operations

    Where even four-wheel drive trucks reach their limits, a totally different kind of work and tractor vehicle has to take over: the Unimog. It gives a precise definition of versatility and capability on four wheels. It provides solutions which no other vehicle worldwide can offer.

    The Unimog, equipped with:

    • Multiple mounting areas for mounting industrial machinery allowing for maximum versatility of the vehicle;
    • Gearbox PTO and working hydraulics to power industrial equipment;
    • Central Tyre Inflation System (CTA) to keep vehicle moving under changing ground conditions on site;
    • Working Range Gears to operate the vehicle safely at extra low speeds;
    • Fording Ability of up to 1.2 metres allowing the vehicle to adapt to any working conditions on site;
    • And lower cost of ownership, offering 30 000km or 1200 hours service intervals making the Unimog your ideal partner partner in in Energy and Mining Operations.
  • Unimog: The Hero without a Cape

    When the call is out, and rapid response is required in tough off-road conditions, we back the Unimog to answer this call. Built for a purpose- and for a hunger to be on the frontline, the Unimog will get you where you need to be in the shortest possible distance. Because we know that when you are driven to:

    • Save lives
    • Protect infrastructure & crew
    • Rapidly respond to a call
    Disaster hero

    Rough terrain should be the least of your worries and your mission top priority.

    The Unimog, equipped with:

    • A self-protection system to protect both the crew and the vehicle from heat;
    • A carrying capacity of 6000 litres and fording ability of 1.2metres;
    • A roof hatch for safe fire-fighting;
    • A Pump & Roll system allowing the firemen to fight fires while the vehicle rolls alongside slowly;
    • An optional 7 seater crew cab to carry additional crew for large rescue missions;
    • A high-speed gearbox PTO ensuring that you quickly put out that blaze in less time

    Makes it the ideal vehicle for Firefighting and Disaster Management.

  • Leisure & Special Projects

    Leisure special

    Over 50 years of expertise, trust, and passion has kept the Unimog as the epitome of all impossible vehicle operations and of course, a ‘first love’ for all off-road enthusiasts. And if you’ve ever driven one, you will know how tempting it feels to always push your next destination further and further. The Unimog will push you to push it- whether on the job site or somewhere attempting to get lost in Van Zyl’s Pass.

    leisure equipped

    The Unimog, equipped with:

    • Portal axles, allowing for a high ground clearance of up to 500 mm;
    • Fording ability, allowing for crossing water depth of up to 1.2 m;
    • 4WD with Front & Rear differential locks to get you through the toughest obstacles;
    • Central Tyre Inflation System (CTA) to keep you moving under changing ground conditions;
    • Working hydraulics to power equipment or winch;
    • 4 Channel ABS Safety system with each wheel having its master cylinder for increased protection of passengers onboard making the Unimog, the ideal exploration and mobile home vehicle.

Charter Way


  • Maximum availability at lowest possible cost
  • Meeting individual military demands
  • Optimized fleet’s supportability
  • Info-supply on reliability, maintainability and spares usage
  • Development and execution of reliability studies
  • Special features:
  • – CharterWay customised Mobility offerings including Financing, Fleet Management, Service / Maintenance contracts and Uptime contracts
  • – Integrated Parts inventory solutions across region
  • – Call-centre and road-side assistance offerings
  • – Deployment of dealer network in combination with other service providers for best support infrastructure

Driver Training

Driver Training

  • Vehicle familiarisation for optimal man-machine interface
  • Optimisation of economic and defensive driving behaviour
  • Improved road safety and reduced damage to assets
  • Reduction of fuel, operating and insurance costs
  • Teaching/ refreshing of specific skills:
  • – Segment, vehicle-type and application (e.g. off-road)
  • – Military application and “offensive” driving
  • – Body-specifi c and material handling training
  • – Operational logistics (air, land & sea)
  • Special features:
  • – Establishment of Train-the-trainer competencies
  • – Establishment of continuous improvement with FleetBoard
  • – Abnormal load training


Lowering Consumption. Increasing Efficiency.

The telematics-supported Internet services provided by FleetBoard allow fleet managers to operate their utility vehicles in an economically efficient manner. The modular services help entrepreneurs to save fuel and manage their logistics processes. No matter whether trucks, buses, long-distance, distribution or construction-site traffic are concerned: FleetBoard has the appropriate technology in store for you!

Find Your Customised Telematics Solution.

With FleetBoard you can improve your processes and increase your efficiency. The modular service portfolio is optimally designed for your transport order.

Benefit from the Experience Gained in Practical Application.

FleetBoard in large fleets, passenger transportation, or in mixed fleets:
The users share the experience had at Case Studies and Reports in regular intervals.




  • Balancing of cost-effective commercial Best Practice and specific custom-tailored military-based solutions
  • Ongoing support through service network, dealers and support partners
  • Parts supply chain for optimal parts availability and response
  • Programmes for upgrade and refurbishment of customer fleets
  • Training, documentation and engineering of the operator, maintainer and of the system as a whole
  • COTS Documentation and customer tailored solutions (e.g. EPAS) and Engineering support as required
  • Special features:
  • – Development of Offset solutions
  • – Operating & business models for long-term support and integration
  • – Vendor and partner network for special needs (e.g. Bodybuilding)

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