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  • Mercedes-Benz Arocs

    The Arocs for construction transport with a gross weight rating of 18 tonnes and over has ample power to cope with any driving situation. The construction range is equipped with robust, proven Euro III engines, with Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic transmission and with a unique suspension and frame design.

    Mercedes-Benz. This name stands for all the experience of the world’s longest established and most highly reputed truck manufacturer and for pioneering vehicle technology. A rich fund of engineering expertise “made in Germany” is reflected in particularly reliable, efficient, safe and robust vehicles in which millions of customers worldwide place their trust. We also attach great importance to a trusting relationship, with the aim of making life easier for you as a transport operator. To this end, we offer individual, application-matched vehicle solutions which meet the highest standards in terms of reliability, efficiency, safety and robustness, as exemplified by the new Arocs. See for yourself! Trucks you can trust.


  • Distribution

    Mining Operations

    Trucks you can trust – for more reliability.

    Operators who earn their money in road-bound goods transport need absolute reliability - in other words: trucks they can count on.

    With the new Mercedes-Benz Truck Range we are able to offer you two vehicles incorporating the rich fund of experience and expertise acquired over more than 120 years of German engineering, equipped with leading Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology and components tested under the toughest conditions. This applies to engines, transmissions and drive axles as well as frames, chassis, suspension and cabs.

    Everything is perfectly coordinated, in order to meet all requirements reliably, even in extreme conditions and difficult terrain. Compelling quality that is immediately apparent the first time you take to the wheel – and which will continue to deliver benefits for many years to come.

    Redefining overall economic efficiency.

    Mercedes-Benz Trucks stand for particularly high economic efficiency worldwide. In addition to their reliable and durable design, the new Arocs also meets the highest standards of efficiency, based first and foremost on their particularly low fuel consumption.

    Low wear and a higher resale value are additional merits contributing to their high overall economic efficiency. To this end, numerous innovative technical measures were implemented in the course of developing the new Arocs. These result in engines with higher performance and lower fuel consumption, a powertrain which enables an economical driving style, and an aerodynamic design honed down to the finest details in the interests of fuel efficiency.

    All in all, the new Mercedes-Benz Trucks offer an ideal basis for more profitable operations than ever. The further advanced Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift combines an economical driving style with smooth gear changing and a high level of driving comfort. In short, the new Arocs offers you vehicles which are tailored perfectly to the needs of practically any distribution application.

    Safety is at the root of our DNA

    Industrial Operations

    Greater safety. Trucks that are very safe are not just an important development for all road users. They are also more efficient, because they are less often put out of action by accidents and they relieve the driver’s workload. This is why we have been focusing for over 45 years now on developing innovative assistance systems. Reaching the destination safely – with the support of assistance and safety systems which actively ease the burden on the driver, help protect the vehicle and its cargo and so contribute to greater cost-effectiveness. On every trip.

    The new Arocs offers the most comprehensive active safety systems ever. However, not all accidents can be fully prevented. For this reason Mercedes-Benz Trucks provide a passive safety concept developed through rigorous crash tests. The cab has been tested according to ECE R29 and Swedish Test VVFS: 2003:29. The target of these tests is a distribution of the deformation, which results in the greatest possible clearance for the occupants. Furthermore, the driver airbag and driver seatbelt monitor are standard features on all models, enchancing driver safety.

  • Robust down to the last detail.

    From off-highway applications to concrete mixers and heavy-duty tippers, the on-road, off-road and all-wheel drive variants of the Arocs offer a particularly tough and robust vehicle to meet any challenge in construction site haulage.

    The robustness and load-bearing capacity of the Arocs are fully reflected in the cabs – in the durable cab shell consisting of 100 % fully galvanised sheet metal and in the athletic, powerful design. And to take the dread out of large approach/departure angles and ramp breakover angles, we have additionally provided the Arocs with optimised ground clearance. As you can see, the Arocs is up to any challenge.


    The Arocs for construction transport has ample power to cope with any driving situation. Because we have equipped it with the robust, powerful OM 460 Euro III engines, with Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic transmission and with a unique suspension and frame design. Engine, transmission and axles are manufactured exclusively by Mercedes-Benz and designed specifically for the special requirements of construction transport.

    The intelligent control of the drive components, the high torque of the engines and the extremely fast shift times of Mercedes PowerShift 3 ensure that ample power is available. For the best possible traction and good steerability the drive system, chassis, suspension and frame form a precisely coordinated working team which is optimally configured in all Arocs vehicles for the particular application in question on the road, on the construction site or on extreme terrain.

    Disaster Hero

    Modular Layout of the Chassis.

    The modular Layout of the chassis allows for easier body mounting. Mounting elements are systematically oriented towards the respective add-on equipment, the chassis of the New Arocs has a consistent hole pattern of 50 mm with easy access to electrical and pneumatic attachments.

    Application Specific mounting elements.

    The Application Specific mounting elements provide for a Bodybuilder Friendly and fast mounting process. For all Freight Carriers the Mounting parts - Platform (C5I) are standard. The new generation Parameterisable Special Module (PSM) also aids in significantly reducing turnaround time at the bodybuilder.

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