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Mercedes-Benz Actros


  • Powerful, reliable and economical

    The new Actros in three words. The efficient and hard-wearing engines are high on dynamism and low on maintenance. Enhancing an already powerful performance, versatile Mercedes PowerShift automatic transmission is equipped as standard for road vehicles.

  • A home from home on the road

    Spacious and pleasant as a workplace during the day, a comfortable evening retreat during longer journeys. The Actros range of cabs provide an unparalleled level of comfort, functionality and ergonomic design.

  • The Actros makes no compromise on safety

    For driver, load and vehicle, safety systems are in place to safeguard every journey. Telligent is a suit of safety technology covering everything from roll-protection to monitoring of the vehicle’s service status.

  • Right from the first glance

    The Actros creates a powerful impression. The stylish front apron eludes quality with its streamlined contours and Mercedes-Benz star. It’s complemented by an ergonomic interior with high-quality equipment and trim.

  • Actros Service

    With the Actros, you receive not just a vehicle, you get a complete service experience. We offer a range of tailored solutions covering everything from finance and insurance to 24-hour breakdown recovery.

Telligent Maintenance

  • All Actros models sold with a CharterWay® contract will qualify to operate on this new maintenance package that will allow the vehicle to determine service intervals using the Telligent® Maintenance system. This ensures optimum utilisation of operating fluids and service parts without risk to the service life or reliability of the engine and driveline.

  • Qualifying Criteria for an Actros to Operate on Telligent® Maintenance:

    • Applicable to all Actros models in all Service Categories (1, 2 & 3)
    • Actros purchased with effect from 01 May 2014
    • Actros must be purchased on a CharterWay® BestBasic or Complete contract
    • The vehicle can only remain on Telligent® Maintenance Service while the CharterWay® contract is active
    • The vehicle will return to fixed service intervals in the event of a cancellation of the CharterWay® contract
  • Terms and Conditions:

    The new CharterWay® rates will only be available as of 01 May 2014.

    Vehicles purchased prior to May 2014 on a CharterWay® contract are eligible to be converted to a Telligent® Maintenance contract backdated to 01 January 2014.

    For optimal results, we recommend that Telligent® Maintenance be used in conjunction with FleetBoard.

    All Actros models without a CharterWay® contract will still be serviced on the fixed intervals depending on the vehicle’s service category.

Telligent Technology

  • Telligent®

    Telligent® is a complete package of systems covering all aspects of operation in the new Actros. Intelligent systems monitor and regulate the vehicle functions, giving drivers a safer, smoother ride and prolonging the life of the vehicle and parts. The Telligent® Maintenance system is an integrated vehicle diagnostics and service system. It continuously registers all relevant operating status states and from these determines the state of the equipment and wear parts. Whether it’s the engine oil change, brake lining wear or coolant level, it monitors all maintenance functions and displays them in the driver information display. The integrated diagnosis system allows faults that occur to be detected quickly and localised speedily. Information about necessary maintenance work can be called up at any time.

  • Telligent® proximity control

    Keeping your distance is perhaps one of the most important rules of safety, yet one that is becoming harder and harder to obey. That’s why Telligent® proximity control is available as an option in conjunction with a retarder. This driver assistance system permits a more relaxed style of driving by scanning the traffic situation up to 150 metres in front of the vehicle, monitoring the distance to the vehicle in front and the speed at which it is travelling and analysing any changes. As a result, the speed of the new Actros and its distance from the vehicle in front are automatically adjusted to the changing traffic situation.

  • Telligent® brake system

    The standard-specification Telligent® brake system comprises a dual-circuit brake system, drum, internally ventilated disc brakes all round, ABS, ASR and auxiliary brakes such as the engine brake or retarder. The system relays each brake signal at lightning speed – much quicker than any mechanical system could. It also allows brake power to be metered as sensitively as in a passenger car. The braking force is optimally distributed between tractor and trailer according to the load. The Telligent® brake system also ensures that the brake pads on the different axles do not wear at significantly different rates. The integral retarder function ensures that when the service brake is applied, the engine brake (constantly-open throttle and brake valve) and, where fitted, the retarder are automatically activated.

  • Telligent® Lane Assistant

    The Lane Recognition system is permanently alert. Its function is to warn the driver if the vehicle is about to venture out of its current lane. In the event of this occurring, an acoustic signal is sent through the radio loudspeaker. This feature is standard on all air- and steal suspended truck tractors. A small camera, located behind the windscreen monitor’s road markings, relays the information to an onboard computer. If the lateral distance between the vehicle and the lane markings changes, the system emits an audible signal via the stereo speakers, alerting the driver to correct the course of the vehicle before any problems arise.


  • Frame

    The robust frame of the new Actros is weight-optimised and ideal for mounting bodies. It’s packed with innovative touches like easy-switch bolted components to help make every task run smoothly.

  • Suspension

    The new Actros benefits from steel, air/steel and air suspension systems. Each provides a complete set of cutting-edge benefits, including roll resistance, precision road-holding and high levels of ride comfort. Air suspension features on two and three axle semi-trailer tractors, significantly improving handling and body roll. It also makes for weight savings and allows the frame height to be reduced.

  • Steering

    The power steering for the new Actros is remarkably precise – responsiveness is so high that you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference between an empty truck and a fully laden one. Powerful steering angles can be achieved with minimum force, to provide effortless manoeuvring even in restricted situations.


  • 100 % Proof

    Field operations are the acid-test of a cab’s real capabilities. So, we steered clear of any compromise in engineering and design. Hundreds of professional drivers virtually co-designed these cabs through their suggestions. The result: up to 40% more interior space, well-arranged and ergonomic design, and comfort in abundance. After all, the cabs are a workplace and living room all rolled into one – sometimes for days on end.

    One of the most comfortable workplaces on our roads

    The Actros gives drivers a well-conceived and ergonomically designed workplace with a host of meaningful and practical luxuries.

    The highlights in brief:

    • One of the biggest cabs
    • Plenty of storage space
    • A steeper front windscreen for greater freedom of movement
    • Air suspension seats, anatomically shaped and infinitely adjustable, with integrated three-point seat belts
    • Steering wheel with adjustable height and inclination
    • Powerful heating and ventilation system doors which opens to a wide angle of over 90 degrees, easy and safe access
    • Pull-out bunk

    There’s no place like home

    • A wide variety of intelligent details in the Actros cabs ease the strain of long-distance haulage work:• A bunk with three individual folding sections that can be extended in width from 60 to 75 cm
    • During the journey, it makes space for the driver’s seat, and at night the full 75 centimetres guarantee a refreshing sleep
    • 3 large storage compartments with a capacity of 336 litres
    • Electronic sliding roof
    • Powerful heating and ventilation system with a four-speed blower, air recirculation, and pollen filter

    Every cab tells a story

    In South Africa, two cab options are available for the Actros.

    The Premium Sleeper cab is the standard option for long-distance work – with plenty of space and lots of storage room. Two low-roof versions are available for special transport assignments.

    Width: 2490 mm
    Length: 2200 mm
    Interior height: 1920 mm
    – with low roof: 1560 mm

    The medium-length version for short- and medium-haul assignments is fitted with a bunk as standard (except for construction vehicles).

    Width: 2490 mm
    Length: 1950 mm
    Interior height: 1560 mm


3 year warranty on Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles

All Mercedes-Benz Atego, Axor and Actros models will now feature a warranty which has now been extended to 3 Years on the powertrain/driveline (engine, gearbox, driveshafts and driven axles).

Whilst there are additional costs to the Mercedes-Benz organisation, this forms part of our drive to add value without necessarily adding to the selling price to the customer.

Certain conditions are applicable to this warranty. Kindly contact your nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer for more details

Product range
Actros - A,B,F,K,AK,AF,AS models
Complete vehicle Powertrain
12 months unlimited kilometres 36 months / 250 000km / 5000hrs
Actros – Freight Carrier and Truck Tractors
Complete vehicle Powertrain
12 months unlimited kilometres 60 months / 650 000km**

**Applicable to South African market only
B - Concrete mixer
A - All wheel drive
K - Tipper
F - Fire Engine
AK - All wheel drive tipper
AF - All wheel drive fire engine
AS - All wheel drive truck tractor

Charter Way

Unlimited mobility. Customised solutions

Success calls for careful planning based on efficiency, economy and analysis. Mercedes-Benz CharterWay delivers one-stop solutions, comprising compatible individual services for commercial vehicles:

  • Vehicle procurement with a choice of modules and options
  • Securing mobility and economy
  • Reduce your company’s administrative load
  • Enabling you to deploy your vehicles in the right way, delivering optimum availability and a transparent cost overview. Take advantage of complete coverage – from Service to ServiceLeasing.

Leading the way with customised services:

Since 1992, Mercedes-Benz CharterWay has provided services and mobility for the procurement, service and management of Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles. Our product range is based on the authorised Mercedes-Benz sales and service network in Germany and Europe.

CharterWay Service

offers warranty, maintenance and repair services in a scope adequate to requirements.

CharterWay Service Leasing

combines this insurance with leasing to form an individual overall solution.


Lowering Consumption. Increasing Efficiency.

The telematics-supported Internet services provided by FleetBoard allow fleet managers to operate their utility vehicles in an economically efficient manner. The modular services help entrepreneurs to save fuel and manage their logistics processes. No matter whether trucks, buses, long-distance, distribution or construction-site traffic are concerned: FleetBoard has the appropriate technology in store for you!

Find Your Customised Telematics Solution.

With FleetBoard you can improve your processes and increase your efficiency. The modular service portfolio is optimally designed for your transport order.

Benefit from the Experience Gained in Practical Application.

FleetBoard in large fleets, passenger transportation, or in mixed fleets:
The users share the experience had at Case Studies and Reports in regular intervals.


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